Patricia Davis Raffy was born in Los Angeles, California. She enjoyed a fulfilling career as a ballerina before becoming Owner/Trainer at her own Pilates studio. At 17, Patti joined Stuttgart Ballet in Germany where she was 1st introduced to Pilates training. Returning to New York, she danced with Harkness Ballet, American Ballet Theater and Ballet Repertory. Marrying choreographer Patrick Frantz, she joined Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, becoming principal ballerina.

Since moving back to Los Angeles, Patti and Patrick bought the 36 year old Rozann Zimmerman Ballet Center where they taught for nearly 20 years. Patti opened her Reformer studio in October 2004 where rzbcPilates offers the expertise of our certified Pilates instructors, all trained in the classical New York style.

Mission Statement:

Our Goal is to ensure the highest quality certified Pilates training and attention to the health care and fitness of each individual; teaching the method on equipment designed specifically by Joseph Pilates in an atmosphere of genuine care.